Financial Signal Processing Laboratory,

Communication and Signal Processing Group, EEE Department,

Imperial College London 





* FSP lab annouced its annual conference on November 26th 2015 at Schroders office. September 2015.


*Arta Babaee and Pedro Rodrigues of FSP Lab presented their joint work with Schroders multi-asset team at LQG conference in Cambridge. September 16th, 2015


* Arta Babaee and Pedro Rodrigues presented FSP Lab activities at Schroders Lunch and Learn presentation to the employees. September 12th, 2014


* FSP Lab announces its annual conference on November 20th at Schroders head office. More information can be found here. August 20th, 2014


* Schroders Multi-Asset Investments and Portfolio Solutions (MAPS) announces collaboration with FSP Lab. June 18th, 2014.


* FSP Lab launched its activities by holding a meeting with its steering committee of 12 persons. This was "to mark the ground"  for the fsp lab, January 15th, 2014.


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